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The History of Gate to

Heaven Funeral Home

In the late 1960’s and early 70’s,

there was an influx of Muslims to the

Dearborn area seeking a better life,

and it eventually became known as

little Mecca. The reigious community

longed for a facility that was

dedicated to providing an

enviroment in which the rituals of

their faith were performed in a

respectful and dignifed manner.

They wished to insure that their

loved ones would be cared for in a

place specifically devoted o their

needs. The muslim community came

together to raise funds for an

addition for their existing house of

worship and in November 2012,

Gate to Heaven Funeral Home

became a reality. Located adjacent

to the Islamic Institute of Knowledge

the new facility is a souce of pride

for the Islamic community


Gate to Heaven is the first funeral facility in North America serving all faiths and sriving for excellence in every aspect of funeral care. we are commited to your comfort and privacy as you celebrate the memories of your loved one.

Affordable Services

In 2012 Gate to Heaven began it’s

mission to help families with

affordable funeral sevices. Our

basic service package includes

Ghusul, dressing in Kafan, metal

casket and transportation to

cemetery for only $1,995.00.

Exclusive Services

Our staff includes licensed male

and female embalmers, and a staff

of trained male and female washers.

We are proud to offer our state-of-

the-art preperation room, counseling

room, and support team.

Overseas Transportation

Gate to Heaven specializes in flights

to the Middle East with affordable

prices. We are the number one

funeral home in America that

families count on to expidite all the

neccessary paperwork for their

loved ones safe journey home.